My Philosophy

I love people. I love meeting people, being around people and being inspired by people.


When I'm with a client photographing their wedding or their family it doesn't feel like work, not only because I am practising a craft that I love but because I feel honoured to be part of those people's lives for that day, capturing the moments that make them, them.

A strong technical background underpins everything I do - being a fully accredited photographer means you can rest easy knowing that not only will I capture the moment, I will capture it beautifully. This is my full time job, and I have spent a long time learning the craft. I know how to bring out the best in you and yours so that your images shine. 


I take this responsibility very seriously, because as a wife, mother and member of a large and rambling family I know how precious these moments in life are. My greatest pleasure is in helping people keep those moments alive for years to come.

No job is too big or too small, too strange or too normal, I welcome all people from all walks of life and I love travelling to amazing locations for my clients. I look forward to talking to you soon and creating lasting memories together.