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Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Hello World! I am over the moon to be launching my new business - Osyth Sanders Photography, capturing beautiful weddings and portraits all over Australia. Here's a little bit about me - my name is Osyth, pronounced Ozith or like Joseph without the 'J'. I'll happily answer to anything starting with 'O' though!

I live in Brisbane with my husband and two beautiful daughters. Originally from England, Queensland blows my mind every day with its stunning natural beauty and lovely people - I have definitely found my spiritual home here. At weekends you can find us at the beach or hiking in the mountains (if I'm not shooting a wedding).

Aside from my husband, my best friend is my camera - it goes everywhere with me. As we move through life it's been my companion capturing the best moments and documenting our journey around the world. Aside from my kids, my greatest joy in life is my job. I feel so lucky to be one of those people who can genuinely say that their job doesn't feel like work. I love meeting people from all walks of life and finding ways to give them beautiful memories, nothing can quite describe the feeling of giving someone gorgeous images that will become a part of their history. Knowing you've brought a bit of joy to that person's day and become a part of their story is a privilege I don't take lightly.

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I've worked in the photography industry since 2010, and I'm proud to say I'm fully accredited with a Bachelor's degree in Photography from the University of Brighton, UK. People are my main squeeze and I love nothing more than to go out with my camera and find the small human moments that make up the fullness and richness of life. Any time in life that you want to remember - I think is worth documenting. I would love to chat to you about your idea - give me a call for a no-obligation chat or shoot me off an email today. Contact

But enough about me - I want to know more about you! Please say hi in the comments.

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