I see weddings as stories. Your story is your day, filled with the people you love and care about most. The story is not just a string of events, but moments brought alive by emotions ranging from nerves, tension and excitement to love, joy and relief. Every story is different and beautiful in its own way. My greatest pleasure is in capturing your story in a natural and authentic way - building it piece-by-piece, showing the tiny sparks of interaction, the great outpourings of emotion and everything in between that makes your day unique and beautifully human. Building the story is an art and it takes love and dedication. It's an honour that I don't take lightly. 

A few of my favourite loves stories are below - click on an image to see more of the day.

Wedding photography starts at $600. For more information please see my pricing or drop me a line and we can chat about your requirements. 

Wedding Photography